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Florida Mutual Recognition

There is NOT an educational course requirement to meet the Florida mutual recognition license.

If you are ARE NOT a Florida resident and you have a real estate license (either sales associate or broker) from Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska or Oklahoma, you may become a Florida licensee by passing a 40-question Florida real estate law exam with a score of 75 percent or more. Once you become licensed in Florida, you will still be responsible for completing the same post-licensing and continuing education required for Florida resident licensees.

If you plan on moving to Florida and have a real estate license from one of the mutual recognition states, be advised that it is best that you DO NOT become a Florida resident before obtaining your Florida real estate license, as you will FORFEIT your ability to obtain a Florida license by just taking a 40 question Florida real estate law exam

The Florida Real Estate Commission defines a Florida resident as a person who has resided in Florida continuously for four calendar months or more within the preceding year, or a person who presently resides in Florida with the intention to reside continuously in Florida for four months or more, beginning on the date the person began residency. It does not matter whether the place of residence is a recreational vehicle, hotel, rental unit, or any other temporary or permanent location. Nonresident licensees, whether or not they have qualified under mutual recognition, must successfully complete the same post-licensing and continuing education required for Florida resident licensees. 

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations Website answers questions a licensee from another state might have regarding obtaining a license in Florida. It lists all the current mutual recognition states that have an agreement with Florida. This website also has the basic information regarding the requirement to obtain a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate License or a Florida Real Estate Broker License.


You're just a few steps away from your Florida Real Estate License:

Step One: Mutual Recognition Information

Step Two: Start Your Application

Step Three: Study The Law Portion Using the Sales QBank

Step Four: Check on Your State of Florida Application Status

Step Five: Pearson VUE Website (once your application is approved, schedule your law exam)

(optional) Purchase the Textbook and Study the Law Portion

Step Six: Enroll and Complete your Post Education Before your License Expires