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Is Florida Online Classes for Real Estate a licensed school?

Yes. We are licensed with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (license # ZH1002295) and we offer Florida Real Estate Commission approved courses.

DBPR Approved Courses:

Is the instructor on call a licensed real estate instructor?

Yes. Katrina Trninich (owner / instructor of Florida Online Classes for Real Estate) is a licensed real estate instructor (license # ZH1002609) and broker (license # BK3156248). Feel free to do a licensee search for Katrina on the Department of Business and Professional Regulation's Website.


How do I apply for a real estate license?

Before applying to the state, have your fingerprints taken at a Pearson VUE Center. That way you’ll be able to submit proof of fingerprinting along with your application, greatly speeding up the application process. Reservations are necessary. Call (877) 238-8232 or schedule and online appointment here: https://pearson.ibtfingerprint.com/index.php.

There are two methods to apply for your sales associate or broker license. You may apply online at the DBPR Website or you can mail a paper application (sales | broker ) to the Department. We recommend students apply online because it's faster, you can pay with a credit card and you don't have to have anything notarized. Before you apply online, you'll want to create a new profile on the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) Website.

Note: your authorization to take the Florida real estate exam will be good for 2 years from the time you apply for your license. Your pre-license course will also be good for 2 years after successful completion. As long as there are no “dings” or deficiencies on your application, the application process should take 5 – 7 business days. It’s preferable to take the state exam immediately after you take your course exam so that all of the information is still fresh in your mind, so you may want to apply for your license before you actually complete your school course.

For more in-depth instruction on applying for your real estate license, view the Florida Real Estate Commision - FAQ Document.


I've applied for a real estate license. How do I check my application status?

Click Here or call the DBPR Call Center at 850-487-1395 to check your application status to determine if your application has been approved. Once approved, call Pearson VUE: 888-204-6289 to schedule your exam at a testing center near you.

When you call Pearson VUE, you will need to supply them with a Visa/MasterCard/Discover or American Express card to pay for the exam. The other option is to bring a money order or cashier check to the test center. Click Here to view current examination fees.

What to bring to the Pearson VUE Center?

1. Your Course Completion Certificate (emailed to you upon successful completion of online course final exam)

2. (2) Forms of Identification (one must be a photo ID)


I have successfully completed my pre-license course. Now what?

We will email you a course completion slip (with our approved signature on it). You will need to supply a print out of this completion slip to the state exam testing center. Note: To ensure proper delivery of our emails, take a moment now and add us ( ) to your address book, trusted sender list, or company white list. If you prefer to receive your completion slip by mail or fax, please contact us upon successfully completing your school final exam.

Please note that you must pass the state exam within two years after passing your pre-license course or the course becomes invalid for licensure.


I am not a Florida resident, but would like to get my Florida real estate license. Will I have to fly to Florida to take the state exam?

You will most likely be able to take the exam in a city near you. Pearson Vue administers exams for the Florida Division of Real Estate and they have testing facilities located throughout the United States. Click here to locate a testing center near you.


Does Florida have reciprocity with other states?

Florida does not have reciprocity with other states, but does have mutual recognition agreements with 8 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Mutual recognition allows for out-of-state licensees to become licensed in Florida by passing a 40-question Florida real estate law exam with a score of 75 percent or more, exempting them from the 63 hour pre-license education. Mutual recognition is a status available only to nonresidents. A mutual recognition licensee who becomes a Florida resident before making application loses the nonresident benefit and has to take the Florida prelicensing course and the state's 100-point final exam. The FREC defines a Florida resident as a person who has resided in Florida continuously for four calendar months or more within the preceding year, or a person who presently resides in Florida with the intention to reside continuously in Florida for four months or more, beginning on the date the person began residency. It does not matter whether the place of residence is a recreational vehicle, hotel, rental unit, or any other temporary or permanent location. Nonresident licensees, whether or not they have qualified under mutual recognition, must successfully complete the same post-licensing and continuing education required for Florida resident licensees. Please visit the DBPR's Mutual Recognition Information Web page to learn more.


 Do you have a demo of how your online classes work?

Yes, click here to view a video demo that our online class provider, Dearborn, has posted on YouTube. Click here to download a PDF file showing actual screenshots of an online course.


Can you give me more information about Florida Online Classes for Real Estate's final exams?

  • You must have completed your online course before taking the end-of-course exam.
  •  You have one opportunity to complete the final exam. You must complete your exam in one sitting. You may not "bookmark" or suspend your exam to return to it at a later time.
  • Move to the next question by using the "Next" button. You may return to a previous question by using the "Previous" button.
  • IMPORTANT: Before viewing the last question in the final exam, be sure you have answered all questions up that point as you will not be allowed to return to or review any previous test questions once you have accessed the last question.
  • The final exams are timed. If you have not completed the exam within the time limit, all unanswered questions will be marked incorrect.
  • When you have answered the last question, click "Finish" to see if your score meets the passing criteria. If you do not pass you must wait at least 30 days to take the alternate exam. To help you study for the alternate exam, you will have access to the course content.
  • Don't use the "End Test" button until you are completely finished. Clucking "End Test" will turn in your exam for grading, and any unanswered questions will be graded as incorrect. Additionally, the one opportunity to take the final exam will be considered complete.
  • Don't use you Web browser's "Back" and "Forward" buttons located at the top of the screen. Only use the course navigation buttons located near the bottom of the screen to move around within the course. Use of your browser navigation may result in the loss of data.
  • To prevent Internet service interruptions, we strongly recommend you use a wired Internet conncetion. Using a wireless Internet connection is not recommended.
  • If your course includes a timer, you must use Internet Explorer version 7.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox as you web browser for your course and the final exam.

I failed my end of course final exam... now what?

Prelicense and post-license students who fail the end-of-course exam may take a different exam within one year without having to retake the entire course, but they must wait at least 30 days after failing the exam. A student who wants to avoid the 30-day wait can retake the entire course before taking a different exam.